Watch the interview below that aired on the TBN 700 Club program (aired 17 June 2011).

(MIT Holding, Inc., who was included in this video, is no longer licensed to distribute the ProVector.)

Click here  to go to to view their second story concerning the ProVector. (Aired 4 Nov 2009.)

Click here  to go to to view a video showing Dr. Kollars in Kenya in July, 2009 handing out Provectors to Women with Infants as part of a Community Project there. (Uploaded 30 September 2009.)

Click here to go to to view their interview with Dr. Kollars concerning the ProVector. (Aired 9 June 2009.)

Watch Dr. Kollars discuss the ProVector on the Daily Planet program on Discovery Channel Canada. (Aired 12 May 2009.)